UncategorizedCD Release Party & Concert 4/19 at Yoga Tree Castro

Yay! Serendip CD release party and concert will be 4/19 at Yoga Tree Castro at 9:30pm! Free! 97 Collingwood at 18th in San Francisco.

Dancers Javier Cordoba and Frances Sedayao will be accompanying musicians Sekayi Edwards on bass, Mustafa Canyurt on percussion and vocals, and Amber Field on vocals, esraj, didgeridoo, and percussion.

Going to be a fabulous party! Hope you can come see the beautiful show we are creating!

Photos by Alison Christiana, Stani Photography, Gaby Esensten, Graham Holoch, Rucha Chitnis, Jamil Hellu, Awake Storytelling, Caitlin Hannan, Kai Lai

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