Ancestral Healing: What legacy do you want to leave the world?

During the 12-week course, we will engage somatic and arts-based practices to honor, challenge and more deeply embody the ancestral legacies we want to heal, lift up and live into. At the end of the class, you will be able to invite witnesses of your choosing to a public performance about some aspect of your ancestral journey.

–What do you need to be in right relationship with your ancestors and the world?
–What practices of resilience, struggle and liberation do you want to reclaim?
–What legacy do YOU want to leave for future generations?

We will use frameworks of decolonization, feminist oral history, and collective liberation with experiential methods that incorporate ritual performance, Authentic Movement, Theatre of the Oppressed, Work that Reconnects, voice work, drawing, poetry, art installations, heart circles and time in nature.

Ancestral Legacies will help you claim and recreate your life narrative as a living, breathing work of art!


Ancestral Legacies gave me the space to explore my relationship to my culture, ancestors, and family. It was a space of uninhibited full authentic expression. What a gift to safely dive into these sacred questions in community! – Salina Mae

This workshop is a vital container to catalyse tender seeds of longing, belonging, connection through time and space, compassion for the conditions of our ancestors, courage to claim the range of our inheritances, and grow our souls. – Zara

Ancestral Legacies invited me to explore my ancestors and lineage in a way I had never done before. It shed light on my life and the ways I want to show up in this world. I am on a new journey in the wake of what has opened through this series and I am forever grateful. – Andrea

Time: TBD

1 daylong from 11am – 4pm at Indian Canyon, a magical place and sacred ground of the Ohlone people. We will meet with Ohlone elder Anne-Marie Sayers and do prayer/ceremony there.

Sliding scale and partial work trade available.
Payment plans welcome!

For more information or to discuss payment plan, please contact Amber at

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Aryeh Shell is a white cisgender woman whose work is dedicated to collective healing and liberation. She works as an experiential and arts-based facilitator, trainer and life coach, specializing in leadership and organizational development, somatic practice, trauma resilience, diversity, equity and inclusion. Her transformative trainings, cultural organizing and facilitation have supported movement building, community leaders, universities and grassroots organizations throughout the US, Latin America, Africa and Asia in their efforts for racial justice, immigrant rights, gender equity and environmental justice. She was the Founder and Director of the Herstories Project, a multi-cultural ritual theater project and the Co-Director of Teatro Familias Unidas, a community-based theater group of immigrant women, as well as a member of the Living Arts Playback Theater Troupe. She is also a founding core member of Thrive East Bay and believes in the power of community to embody, heal and build the world we are longing for.

Photos by Alison Christiana, Stani Photography, Gaby Esensten, Graham Holoch, Rucha Chitnis, Jamil Hellu, Awake Storytelling, Caitlin Hannan, Kai Lai

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