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I took Phoenix Song’s “Free Your Voice” class this summer and was blown away by how much I got out of it. Phoenix teaches with the expert grace of a seasoned therapist and musician combined. In ten weeks I feel like I got ten years worth of talk therapy and musical training combined. And the community we formed is priceless.–Michael F.

Free Your Voice with Phoenix Song

Discover the secrets of freeing your voice and playing your body instrument in these playful, heartfelt classes. Learn healthy vocal techniques for singing, sounding, and speaking. Experience the healing and transformative effects of sound vibrations as we free our voices in this connective community workshop. You will leave with a solid understanding of both the technical/practical aspects of the voice as well as its emotional/energetic/psychological components.

Learn how to build and tune your body instrument with breath support, core engagement, proper posture, open throat, resonance, projection, and more. Next, play music on your instrument and sing songs from around the world. Connect with your intention and desire to express your heart/soul song. We will also come into alignment with our body instruments with chakra sound and movement meditations and powerful Sanskrit mantras. We will often end with an expressive arts activity, improvisational singing or sounding circle, or small group improv skits to release sounds and emotions; help you contact and express your truth; and learn to trust yourself and others in play and creation. You will leave sessions both relaxed and energized, feeling more connected to yourself and others and empowered to free your voice and free your life!

This workshop is for all people: total beginners, shy people, those with trauma around their voices, and experienced singers. Everyone will transform!

Free Your Voice while Drumming with Phoenix Song

Learn to drum and sing at the same time! This playful workshop is a total brain workout and incorporates world rhythms and songs for djembe, doumbek, and cajon; body percussion; improvisation; and jamming. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in this class! All levels welcome including absolute beginners.

Amaze yourself and free your inner singer and drummer at the same time! This workshop will teach you how to play the fundamental drum strokes–bass, tone, slap, pop, and touch. Learn West African polyrhythms and Middle Eastern trance rhythms and songs from around the world. You will gain a deeper understanding of rhythm and learn how to feel the groove and improvise in a rhythm. I will also teach healthy voice technique (breath support, releasing throat tension, using your mask for projection, and a flexible larynx) and basic body percussion. We’ll get expressive on our drums (djembe, doumbek and cajon recommended), rock out, and sing! Drum therapy!

This workshop is for all people: total beginners, those with trauma around their voices, the rhythmically challenged, and experienced singers and drummers. Everyone will grow!

Sing, sound & speak your truth with confidence! Free Your Voice & Drum Classes and Trainings

Sing & Drum Outdoors at Memorial Park in Albany! 10 week classes begin Thursdays April 6. $395 early bird, $420 regular
World songs & rhythms, jamming, play, vocal & rhythmic improv, outdoors @Memorial Park, Albany
10 Thursdays, 530-7pm, Apr 6-June 1, double class May 25 530-8:30pm

Phoenix Song's Free Your Voice class was absolutely astounding. They are incredibly skilled at quietly creating a safe space and gently encouraging people to explore and find their truth, then openly express it. Whether you are a professional singer or have never sung a note in your life you will benefit from this workshop. Sign up NOW!!! You won't regret it.

Colleen B.

Phoenix's class is one of my favorite things I've done for myself as an adult. I learned how to be more honest, creative and vulnerable. But mostly it was just *so* much fun. If you're interested in music, expression, presenting or developing a new skill or community, you're going to love it.

Hanna J.

Free Your Voice while Drumming was outstanding. Phoenix Song is a superb teacher. We became tight after just a few classes together, and we found ourselves doing things we didn't think possible (and we're not all musicians or singers). It's really a magical experience that has liberated new possibilities in my music and my being.

Lisa F.


September 2011
Free Your Voice Initiation
In 2011, I decided to start the program to share tools such as sound meditations, chanting, singing, expressive arts, improv, and play that have helped me free my own voice. 14 people joined the inaugural group including beginners, shy people, shower singers, and performers
February 2014
After helping people free their voices for over 2 years, I developed the 2nd course in harmony to help people sing on pitch in a chorus of freedom and protest songs taught in the oral tradition. We also incorporate play, improv, expressive arts, drama, and more.
January, 2015
Free Your Voice while Drumming
Do you want to experience a total brain workout and full body bliss? Learning to drum and sing at the same time feels sooo good. Middle Eastern trance rhythms and West African polyrhythms with world songs, improv, jamming, and expressive arts. Drum therapy! This class can be taken repeatedly because songs and rhythms change each class. You could take all 4 courses in a year for a deep dive.
January 2016
Chakra Sound Journey--Tuning your Body Instrument
People wanted more courses, so every year I started to create a new one. In 2016, I launched a course that helped people explore each chakra with song, expressive arts, movement with sounding, improv, and play as we tune our body instruments together.
Jan 2020
Sing Your Story
This course will help you sing, sound and speak your story in improv exercises that utilize embodied storytelling, theater, singing, circle singing, and more. We will learn songs in harmony as well. Reclaim your life narrative in a creative, supportive, empowering environment and sing your story!
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