Transmitting the love frequencyPodcasts

Queer CreativityQUEERGASM

Free Your Voice: how it began & how it might change your life

Similarity and DiversityFRACTAL FRIENDS

Gender: why I use they/them pronouns. Adoption: the primal wound

Conscious women entrepreneurs THE SAVVY SPIRIT

Tips for how to grow your business & the artist's way

Addiction and recoveryRegroovin' rEVOlution

How music & singing can help on the road to recovery

All things mysticalINQUIRE WITHIN

My latest album Serendip and musical journey

How to live your truthSHE'S HEARD

Gender identity and diverse legacies: healing ancestral stories
Photos by Alison Christiana, Stani Photography, Gaby Esensten, Graham Holoch, Rucha Chitnis, Jamil Hellu, Awake Storytelling, Caitlin Hannan, Kai Lai

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