Phoenix Song is a compassionate and astounding voice teacher and their process and methods ignite a variety of creative levels – they teach others to connect with a truthful and empowered voice from a deep internal foundation!–Gabriel D

As a holistic vocal coach trained in Fitzmaurice Voicework and the LoVetri Method of Somatic Voicework™ and a Tamalpa Associate Teacher of Expressive Arts, I help you with the technical, psychological, and emotional aspects of freeing your voice so that you can fully express yourself with confidence in a way that is healthy for your body. Sing, sound & speak your truth!

For people who prefer to focus on singing, we will: 1. Tune your instrument (breath and support, release throat and body tension, scales, warmups, pitch, timbre, range). 2. Play your instrument (sing songs, phrasing, dynamics, vibrato, etc.) 3. Express your soul’s song (connect in with your intention/emotional connection as you sing). We can play with harmonies, improv singing, creating your own songs, and preparing for performances.

For those who want a more therapeutic approach, I use creative movement, touch, somatic practices, and sounding to help you transform emotionally and somatically. Release tension patterns in your body so that your voice can resonate more fully throughout your entire instrument. Play with your focus line. The voice reveals your mood and how you feel about yourself and how the world perceives you. Release rage, grief, joy, love, and other emotions and express yourself through sound. Move forward with more ease. Express your boundaries and your desires. Transform your life and your body through voicework.

For speaking purposes, we can explore your voice tone and range, and address nasality, raspiness, huskiness, hoarseness, breathiness, throat tension, losing your voice, intonation, and more. I can help you with presentations and speeches and your facilitation skills as a wedding officiant, coach, or large group facilitator, for example.

I am honored to work with my trans and nonbinary communities to help explore our voices in a loving, supportive environment. Whether you want to feminize your voice or work through transition on T or explore your voice in a safe container or make some noise and sing, I’m here to be your guide and champion.

I also love to work with yogis to teach mantra, devotional chants, and how to sing and play harmonium. This nada yoga (sound yoga) helps you focus, get clear, feel calm, and connect to the divine.

I also am drawn to people who work with plant medicines and spirit realms and love to help you channel your own medicine songs as well as teach you set ones in different languages and from different cultures.

We can see what you’re looking for and what methods/modalities resonate with you in each individualized session.

I work with a range of clients from absolute beginners to those with a lot of vocal trauma to professional performers who want to heal some of the psychological (and physical) restraints/blocks that are holding them back. Ideal clients want to use singing, voicework, somatics, mindfulness, and expressive arts as a therapeutic tool for healing, not just hitting that elusive high note (though that can happen in the process). We might be a good fit if any of these are true for you:

  • You were told you can’t sing, your voice is bad, or were shamed around your voice and would love to break through this block and story
  • You feel tension, pain, blocks in your throat, voice or body would love to clear out the energy and release painful experiences through voicework, movement, and other body-based creative modalities
  • You have a dream to sing, and want to realize it in this lifetime
  • You’re a performer/singer and want to take your voice to the next level of freedom and confidence and joy and need to heal from some trauma from the perfectionistic music school/performance path you’ve been on
  • You want to tap into your own creative well and start writing songs or complete the album you’ve been working on for years or get on stage to perform
  • You want to speak your truth and with the power of your words, change your life
  • You want to connect more deeply with yourself, your body & your emotions through voicework
  • You are interested in voicework as healing and therapy in addition to becoming a better singer

Expressive Arts Therapy

I would sign up for anything Phoenix Song teaches. I’ve done both private sessions and group classes with them. Both are the most inspiring and supportive classes I have ever taken–Lisa

Do you want to live your life in alignment with your truth? Have you felt stuck in different areas of your life and want to move forward with clarity and ease? If you are willing to do authentic, vulnerable and courageous work, then we may be a great match. My approach is playful, mindful, and compassionate. Expressive Arts allows you to contact the wisdom of your body as different modalities such as movement, voice work, drawing, storytelling, and theater allow deepening insights and breakthroughs.

I am a Tamalpa Associate Teacher of expressive arts and on faculty at the Wheat Institute where I co-teach a course called The Art of Solidarity. I incorporate somatics, drama therapy, dance/movement, and other healing practices such as tai chi, reiki, mindfulness, theta drumming, voice work and breath work to help you explore different themes in your life that don’t seem to resolve through talk therapy or left-brain processes. I love working with people who are empowered to create change in their life and need some support, witnessing, and guidance to release grief, rage, adoption-related trauma, sexuality, gender and racial/cultural issues, and more. I enjoy working with internal family systems and helping people reparent their wounded inner children. I also like providing tools for people to gain clarity and voice their boundaries, desires, and needs to create safety and new directions in their lives. I am here to help you connect with your life force, pleasure, and joy. I am available for single, short term, and long term sessions. Reach out for a complimentary 20 minute phone call to see if we’re a good match.


Musical Instruments Lessons

Phoenix has taught me to play from within. They create space for my own music and song to express itself while also pushing me to build good technique through careful listening–Andrew, Native flute

Have you always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument? It’s never too late to begin. It’s one of the best activities for your brain and is deeply satisfying as you tap into your creativity and expression. I am available to teach absolute beginners to advanced students. I am a patient, supportive, enthusiastic, intuitive teacher and guide on your journey of playing your instrument and allowing your music to come through. I teach the following:

  • Didgeridoo
  • Hand drums (Djembe, Cajon, Arabic Tambourine, Buffalo drum, Hapi drum)
  • Piano and Harmonium
  • Native flute and Harmonica
  • Esraj

Sound Healing & Theta Drum Journeys

When I heard your sounds, all my body’s tensions relaxed and softened, and I had a general sense of ‘surrender’, letting go, from within. This helped me be more open and receptive to letting in love–Leo, participant

Experience the healing effects of sound in a private sound healing and/or drum journey. Sound baths include lower frequencies (buffalo drums and didgeridoo), medium tones (flute and strings) and higher vibrations including bowls, bells, and angelic singing to tune your whole body and leave you feeling more grounded, relaxed, calm, and energized. You may experience a release of painful emotions as well. If you choose, I can lead you through theta drumming to entrain your brain to theta waves so that you can access clarity and a higher state of consciousness to meet your power animal, spirit guides, ancestors, and more so that you can gain greater insight and healing.


Regular fee: $140/hr zoom and in person. $175/hour for SF house calls. A couple sliding scale spaces available for queer, POC, and low-income artists and healers who are looking to work with me long term. Albany Studio and Zoom Packages available: $675 for 5 sessions (save $25) and $1300 for 10 sessions (save $100). SF package available as well for $850 for 5 and $1650 for 10.

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